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© Eve saint-ramon
© Lynn S.K

MON ENFANT MA BATAILLE, 1h30, 2019 Coproduction APGL

ARIA 1h, 2017, Coprod of Every Body's perfect fest and CAC Genève, FCAC, Faena Art, In Between Art Film and HEAD- Genève

MY BODY RULES 1H30, 2017, Coproduction Emilie Jouvet, Jurgen Bruning (GR), crowdsourcing.

SAFER 3mn, 2013, Coproduction Yagg Inpes (Fr)

CANDY BOX  6mn, 2013, Coproduction Yagg Inpes (Fr)


NEW BOY ON THE BLOCK 15mn, 2011, Coproduction Jurgen Bruning,  Kristian Petersen (GR)

LET IT GO 3 mn, 2011

HISTOIRE D’OVIDIE, 55mn, 2011, French Lover Production (FR),  Diffusion Canal plus (FR).

MUCH MORE PUSSY ! 1h20, 2011, Coproduction Emilie Jouvet (FR), La seine TV (FR), Jurgen Bruning (GR).


TOO MUCH PUSSY ! Feminists Sluts in The Queer X Show 1h38, 2010. Coproduction Emilie Jouvet (FR), La seine TV (FR), Jurgen Bruning (GR). Distribution Solaris (FR), Njutafilms (SW), Atlantide Entertainment (IT), GMFilms (GR).


THE APPLE 6mn, 2008. Coproduction Emilie Jouvet, Judy Minx. Distribution Bildkraft (GER), PetraJoy (ENGL)


KISS ME 20mn, 2008

PARTY TIME 4mn, 2008

MEMORIES 4mn30, 2008


VICIOUS 5mn, 2007


ONE NIGHT STAND 1h20, 2006. Emilie Jouvet Production (FR). Distribution Hysterie Prod (FR), Fatale Média (US), Bildkraft (GER)


BLIND PORN 3mn30, 2005


ROOF 8mn30, 2004


BLANCX 3mn30, 2004


KISSING 4mn, 2003

MADEMOISELLE 4mn20, 2003

ETRE UNE FEMME 3mn45, 2003


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